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Camera Department:
Red Dragon Camera
Canon C300
Canon 5D MIII
Black Magic Cinema 4k Camera
Black Magic Pocket Camera
Panasonic Hpx 170
Canon 7d
Gopro HD with LCD
Gopro Hero 3

P2:16 & 64 gb
CF: 16gb x2
64gb x2 Cf cards
32gb x2 cf
SD: 3*gb, 32gb, 8gb
64gb x2 sd cards

Camera Mounts:
Redrock Micro shoulder mount Deluxe Bundle
MicroMount with microSpud
MicroFollowFocus v2 Complete package
-MicroWhips 3”, 12” & 18” whips
-MicroLensGear Kit: size A,B,C

O connor Obox Matte box

Follow Focus:
Oconnor Cine follow focus one
Redrock Follow Focus

Prime Lens:
Carl Zeiss ZF: 15mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 100mm (Macro), 135mm
Zoom lenses:
Canon 24-70mm 2.8
Canon 70-200mm 2.8 ISII
Sigma 18-35mm 1.8
Tokina 11-16mm 2.8

Tiffen Neutral Density 4×5.6:
ND .3
ND .6
ND .9
ND 1.2
4×4 Linear True Polarizer.
Star 4pt filter 138mm

17″ Flanders Scientific Monitor (SDI)
Marshall 7” High-resolution Field Monitor (Panasonic) Hdmi input
SmallHD 7″ OLED Monitor

Lighting Department:
2 Kino flo diva lights 401 Kit
1×1 Bicolor Litepanel led light
2 Cstands
2 Gary coleman Cstand
4 Regular Stands
5 Sandbags
1- 6’x6’ Breakdown Frame
1- 6’x6’ silk 1/4
1- 6’x6’ Ultra bounce

3 x Senheisser wireless Lavalier kit
Rhode NTG3 Shotgun mic
Senheisser ME66 shotgun mic
Boom Pole
Xlr cables
headphone extension & splitter
Zoom H4n Sound Recorder
Hand held mic

Dana Dolly Package:
-2- Track end brackets
-Center support bar
-100mm & 75mm bowl adapters

Kessler 3ft Slider with motor
-100mm High Hat
-ElectraDrive basic controller V2.0
-ElectraDrive motor pod
-12v DC Power Adapter
-Motor mount
-Battery Bescor 7.2Ah

Magliner Cart

Red Dragon Camera

RED Dragon Body, 6K
Canon mount
Red Mag SSD 64gb cards x4
2 Redvolt Batteries
1 Redvolt Travel
Charger 5″ Touchscreen monitor
Redmote with usb cable Red Station (for I/O) with power cable
3 Vmount Red bricks 1 IDX Dual Charger

A Box
Uvf monitor mount + UVF V2 extension
Top Handle
LW 15mm top mount
Easy top X
Hoodman HRT 5
Dovetail Clamp + Safety Dovetail 8″
Easy Riser with LW 15mm bracket
Shock mount for shotgun mic

Canon C300

C300 body
Power adapter
CF Cards
Zacuto Z-Finder
Wooden Camera:
- Quick release base plate
- Top Plate
- Nato handle kit

BlackMagic Camera

Black Magic 4k cinema (Super 35 sensor)

Black Magic pocket Camera (Super 16 digital film camera)


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